41*41 Worldwide Used A36 Black Slotted Unistrut Steel Channels

Product Details

Black slotted strut channel Advantages:
The main advantage of strut channel in construction is that there are many options available for rapidly and easily connecting lengths together and other items to the strut channel, using various specialized strut-specific 
fasteners and bolts. It can be assembled very rapidly with minimal tools and only moderately trained labor, which reduces costs significantly in many applications
Black slotted strut channel Sizes:
41*41mm, 41*52mm, 41*62mm and 41*72mm are available
Black slotted strut channel usage:
Materials Handling & Industrial
Raised Access Floor Systems
Solar panel Frames & supports
Fall protection
Plant structure
Rooftop support Systems
Anchoring Systems
Black slotted strut channel Packaging:
1, Packaged by steel strip in a bundle
2, packaged by plastic bags and then by belt
3, As you required.
Respond time: In 24 hours


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