Black Construction Used C Lipped Steel Channels Common Dimension

Product Details

Black C lipped channel Processing Flow: 

Feeding① - Levelling② – Forming ③ – Straightening ④ - Length Measurement⑤ - Punching ⑥ –Cutting ⑦

Black C lipped channel Usage:

Used for purlin and wall beam of structural for steel construction, and also applicable for combining into light roof truss and bracket. In addition, it is also used as columns, bridges and arms in machinery light industry manufacture.

Black C lipped channel material: Q235, Q 345, A36

Black C lipped channel Normal Sizes:


The common holes we can punched: 

Round hole: Ø12, Ø14, Ø16, Ø18, Ø20

Oval role: 12*20; 14*25; 16*25; 18*25

We can also punch holes as you required.

We can manufacture different sizes of the channels as you required!


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