What Are The Test Methods For Solar Panels?

- Aug 29, 2017 -

The life of solar panels by the battery, tempered glass, EVA, TPT and other materials to determine the general will use a little material manufacturers to do out of the battery life can reach 25 years, but with the impact of the environment, solar cells The material of the board will age with time. Under normal circumstances with 20 years of power will be reduced by 30%, with 25 years of power will be reduced by 70%.

(1) Since the output power of the solar module depends on factors such as solar irradiance and solar cell temperature, the measurement of the solar cell module is carried out under standard conditions (STC). The standard conditions are defined as:

Atmospheric mass AM 1.5, light intensity 1000W / m2, temperature 25 ℃.

(2) open circuit voltage: 500W halogen lamp, 0 ~ 250V AC adapter, light intensity is set to 3.8 ~ 40000 LUX, lamp and test platform distance of about 15-20CM, direct test value for the open circuit voltage;

(3) Under this condition, the maximum power output by the solar cell module is called the peak power. In many cases, the peak power of the component is usually measured with a solar simulator. The main factors that affect the output performance of solar modules are the following:

1) load impedance

2) sunshine intensity

3) temperature

4) shadows

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