What Are The Solar Panels?

- Aug 29, 2017 -

Solar panels are generally selected hot galvanized material.

Each of the solar panels should take into account the life of their finished products, most of the solar panels are placed in the outdoors, temperature, wind and temperature on its life greatly affected. For the stent, from the economic point of view, now most of the choice of steel galvanized material.

For the protection of metal objects, the general use of two ways: insulation protection and cathodic protection method.

Insulation protection is the oldest and most widely used corrosion protection method. Insulation layer will be used to isolate the metal and the external environment, the requirements of the insulation layer is strong adhesion, wear resistance. Often use coating method to do insulation protection layer.

Cathodic protection is also an important method of corrosion protection, which can be achieved by external current and sacrificial anode methods.

The applied current method uses an external current to add the cathode electrons to the material to be protected. This method is not much in the power consumption, but the installation cost is very high, solar panels stent corrosion generally do not use this method.

Sacrificial anode method is to put metal or alloy in the circuit, use it to protect the metal anode. The protected metal material becomes a cathode without being corroded. This method is economical, so it is used in the solar panel anti-corrosion technology.

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