Selection Of Puncture Points During Laser Cutting

- Aug 29, 2017 -

Laser cutting the working principle of the laser beam is: in the processing process, the material after continuous laser irradiation in the center of the formation of a pit, and then coaxial with the laser beam working flow quickly removed the molten material to form a hole. This hole is similar to the thread cut threading hole, the laser beam to the hole for the processing of the starting point for contour cutting, under normal circumstances the flight path laser beam alignment direction and the machined part cutting contour tangential direction perpendicular.

Thus, the laser beam will have a large change in the direction of the vector, i.e., the 90 ° rotation in the vector direction, at the time of the beginning of the penetration of the laser beam into the contour cutting of the part, from the tangent line perpendicular to the cutting profile Direction to coincide with the tangent of the cutting contour, that is, the tangent to the tangent is 0 °. This will be in the machined material cutting section on the flow of rough rough cutting surface, which is mainly in a short time, the laser beam in the direction of the vector changes in the move quickly. Therefore, in the use of laser cutting parts should pay attention to this situation. In general, the design of parts on the surface cutting fracture without roughness requirements, you can cut the laser programming without manual processing, so that the control software automatically generates puncture points; However, when the design of the parts to be machined cutting section has a higher roughness When asked, it is necessary to pay attention to this problem, usually in the preparation of laser cutting program on the laser beam start position to manually adjust, that is, artificial control of the puncture point. It is necessary to move the punctuation point originally generated by the laser program to the desired reasonable position to meet the requirements of the surface precision of the machined part

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