Method Of Making Solar Panel Support

- Aug 29, 2017 -

Solar panels are the core of solar power generation systems and are the most valuable part of solar power generation systems that transform solar energy into electricity. In use, often install a number of solar panels on the bracket, forming an array of solar panels. At present, the edge of a known solar panel is fixed with an aluminum alloy frame, and then an array of solar panels mounted on a solar panel with an aluminum alloy frame is formed to form an array of solar panels. The aluminum alloy frame and the mounting bracket fixed connection, play a fixed role in solar panels. In the prior art, a junction box is provided on the back surface of the solar panel, and a plurality of solar panels are connected together through a junction box to form an array of solar panels. Solar panels and stents between the mutual fit, heat inconvenient, easy to affect the solar panel power generation.

Therefore, when assembling solar panels, it is necessary to wire the junction box of a solar panel from the front and connect it to a solar panel junction box. , The contact part of the wiring is easy to age. If the wiring terminal and the wire connection is not strong, in parallel with the solar panel array system, will cause a single solar panels vacant waste, and may make the solar power system energy output can not meet the design requirements. In the series of solar panels array system, once the terminal and the wire connection is not strong, will directly cause the system part is not available or the system is very unstable. In the actual use of the process, the terminal and the wire connection is not a solid fault is one of the main failure of solar panels, difficult to detect and repair is extremely cumbersome, greatly reducing the reliability of the use of solar panels.

The utility model is to provide a solar panel support in order to avoid the shortcomings of the prior art, and to improve the installation efficiency and the reliability of the solar panel and reduce the difficulty of maintenance. The utility model adopts the following technical scheme to solve the technical problem. The solar panel support is characterized in that it comprises a bracket body in which a plurality of mounting grooves for mounting a solar panel are arranged on an upper surface of the bracket body, and two adjacent mounting grooves are provided between the two mounting grooves for supporting solar energy And the lower end of the support body is fixed on the bottom surface of the mounting groove, and both ends of the upper end of the support are provided with a bar-shaped joint which cooperates with the tongue and groove of the side surface of the solar panel. The solar cell panel of the utility model is characterized in that the solar panel comprises a metal strip and a plate-like solar cell, and a tongue and groove are provided on the side surface of the outer circumference of the solar cell, And a plurality of through holes for mounting the bolts are provided at the edges of the solar cells. The tongue and groove is a trapezoidal groove having a trapezoidal cross section.

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