Different Materials Selected Cutting Laser Cutting Machine Type

- Aug 29, 2017 -

Under normal circumstances, the use of laser cutting machine cutting non-metallic materials, mainly with CO2 laser cutting machine, because the wavelength is around 10600, suitable for non-metallic materials cutting. The metal cutting material is best to use fiber or YAG equipment, because their wavelength is between 1060 ~ 1070, metal materials on the wavelength of energy absorption problems. If you can cut with CO2 equipment, it is entirely by the energy of the hot melt.

This situation will affect the quality of the cutting section of the part. At this point in the other parameters are normal circumstances, should consider the following: laser head nozzle NOZZEL loss, should be replaced in time nozzle. In the case of no new nozzle replacement, should increase the cutting work gas pressure; nozzle and laser head connection thread loosening. At this point should immediately suspend the cut, check the laser head connection status, re-good thread.

After the analysis can be found in the following cases is the main situation of the production of instability: the choice of laser head nozzle and processing thickness does not match; laser cutting line speed is too fast, need to control the operation to reduce the line speed; Note that in the L3030 laser cutting machine cutting more than 5mm carbon steel plate need to replace the 7.5 "focal length of the laser lens.

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