Laser Cutting Machine Metal Sheet Processing Skills

- Aug 29, 2017 -

Laser cutting machine metal sheet processing skills:

1, laser processing quenching. Also known as laser processing phase transformation hardening, is the use of focused laser processing beam irradiation to the surface of steel materials, so that the temperature quickly increased above the phase transition point, when the laser processing removed, because still in the low temperature of the inner material Rapid thermal conductivity, so that the surface quickly cooled to the martensitic transformation point below to obtain hardened layer. With the heating speed, quenching high hardness, quenching parts controllable, without quenching medium and so on.

2, laser cutting carving. Laser engraving machine, high pressure boiler tube, tungsten twisted wire, electric car accessories, high pressure boiler tube, seamless tube, powder metallurgy, double force laser processing surface melting technology is the use of laser processing beam substrate surface heating to the melting temperature Or more, when the laser processing beam is removed, the surface of the molten layer is rapidly cooled and solidified and crystallized by the surface treatment process due to the thermal conduction inside the substrate. Particularly suitable for gray cast iron and ductile iron surface strengthening, improve wear resistance.

3, laser cutting welding. Compared with other welding methods, no electrode and fill the material, can achieve local heating, to ensure high-speed heating. Because there is no mechanical contact when welding, excluding the irrelevant material into the welding parts may be possible, the welding area is almost free from pollution. Can be high melting point, refractory metal or different thickness, different metal materials for welding. For example, the use of laser processing of diamond saw blade and drill bit, can improve the matrix and diamond blade bonding strength, and high geometric accuracy, can be applied to dry cut, to overcome the phenomenon of tooth off.

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