Calculation Of The Power Of Solar Panels

- Aug 29, 2017 -

Solar panels are solar devices that absorb sunlight and convert solar radiation directly or indirectly into electrical energy by photoelectric effects or photochemical effects. Most of the main materials of solar panels are "silicon", but because of the large cost of production, It is generally used there are some limitations.

Compared to ordinary batteries and recyclable rechargeable batteries, solar cells are more environmentally friendly green products.

Solar AC power generation system is composed of solar panels, charging controller, inverter and battery together; solar DC power generation system does not include the inverter. In order to make the solar power system can provide enough power for the load, it is necessary according to the electrical power, a reasonable choice of components. Below the output power of 100W, 6 hours a day for example, to introduce the calculation method:

1. First calculate the number of watts per day (including the loss of the inverter): If the conversion efficiency of the inverter is 90%, then when the output power is 100W, the actual output power should be 100W / 90 % = 111W; if used for 5 hours per day, the output power is 111W * 5 hours = 555Wh.

2. Calculate the solar panel: the daily effective sunshine time is 6 hours, and then take into account the charging efficiency and the loss of charging process, the solar panel output power should be 555Wh / 6h / 70% = 130W. Of which 70% are charged during the actual use of solar panels.

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