The operating principle of fiber laser cutting machine

- Aug 29, 2017 -

   Grasp the above fiber laser cutting machine operating essentials for each business is very important. Laser cutting machine also need to check the track straightness of the cutting machine and machine flatness, found that the time is not necessary to adjust in a timely manner.

The In fact, this is precisely the same with the fiber laser cutting machine is closely related to the essentials.

    Finally, often to the fiber laser cutting machine parts of the gear parts smear some lubricants, reduce mechanical wear and tear, to maintain the normal operation of the machine. Both to a large extent to ensure that the production can extend the life of the machine. If you grasp the fiber laser cutting machine operating essentials, you can easily cut out the effect you want the workpiece and extend the life of laser cutting equipment. So the essential point of manipulation is to grasp the maintenance of the laser cutting head.

 In the modern processing and manufacturing industry, fiber laser cutting machine has a pivotal position, laser cutting machine many companies in the use of fiber laser cutting machine are given a high evaluation, fiber laser cutting machine not only to the enterprise to reduce the production costs, and Also improved the work efficiency.

    For fiber laser cutting machine, its important part is the laser cutting head. Otherwise it will increase the workpiece cutting error value, severe impact on cutting quality, reduce cutting speed.

    Followed by fiber laser cutting machine working environment should always be clean, which is necessary to pay attention to the essentials. Fiber laser cutting machine in the processing of the workpiece, will produce a lot of waste processing waste, if not often clean will lead to the accumulation of dust, resulting in fiber laser cutting machine cutting accuracy are not allowed, and the stuck stuck phenomenon, which caused fiber Laser cutting machine is a great harm, so keep the environment clean is also very necessary. Laser cutting head is very fragile fiber laser cutting machine, laser cutting machine easily damaged, we need to concentrate on asylum, if long-term use is not maintained, it may lead to cutting head work.

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