Laser cutting machine in the sheet metal industry to play the role

- Aug 29, 2017 -

Sheet metal cabinets, chassis structure sub-frame structure and plate structure of two. Laser cutting machine communication equipment chassis cabinet in the design, in addition to consider the overall equipment load, transportation, internal electrical components installation, protection, maintenance, scale and other requirements, but also consider the thermal design, dust and water level, anti-vibration Function, electromagnetic compatibility and other special requirements.

The thickness of the cabinet sheet metal is usually 0.5 to 3.0mm thickness of the cold-rolled steel sheet (thickness of more than 4mm is generally hot-rolled plate, 3mm or more basically used), aluminum, copper, stainless steel, galvanized And hot-dip galvanized steel and so on. Fiber laser cutting machine is mainly 15mm below the main plate, which to 6mm below the most efficient sheet.

Sheet metal parts usually refers to the metal sheet through the pressure processing process is also completed, such as: tailoring, punching, bending, pressure forming, etc. with the welding, riveting and other methods to form the parts. General large volume, carrying a larger weight, laser cutting machine rigid requirements such as mobile communication base station equipment, network communications equipment, and more use of frame support structure. Frame material commonly used aluminum or cold-formed steel. It is different from the car, milling, planing, grinding and forging and other means of processing hardware. Cutting technology, precision are sheet metal industry, chassis cabinets can meet the process, so laser cutting machine in the sheet metal industry is a must, and is indispensable. Sheet metal parts are characterized by light weight, saving material, high production efficiency, but the parts of the rigidity and parts of the dimensional accuracy of metal hardware as well. Carrying a lower weight device, usually using a plate support structure. Communication equipment of the chassis.

The So now the advent of fiber laser cutting machine, laser cutting machine to the sheet metal processing has brought great convenience and efficiency, not only the efficiency of the promotion, more progress in the production process. This coincides with the laser cutting machine on the processing thickness and processing of materials.

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